Friday, August 28, 2009

Last week in Niger

I'm in my last week in Niger, going through all of the medical checks and writing all of my final reports. I'm having some issues with my plane ticket because everyone (except me) seems to think it's fine for me to have 5 layovers and switch airports from JFK to La Guardia in about 3 hours. I'm a little stressed out! Everything else has been going well, and I'm hoping not to do any work this weekend and spend my time with my friends who are also leaving next week. The chateau started in the village last week and the village was happy. We ran into a couple of problems in regards to who was giving a part of their field for the chateau, and how the village was going to deal with having only one well for about two weeks. It's Ramadan so everyone is hungry and cranky, but it will be fine once the building is done. The villagers are all very thankful to everyone in America who helped fund the chateau and who sent sunglasses and other presents throughout my service. Another volunteer will be sending me a picture when the chateau is completed and I'll be sure to post it so everyone can see. Thank you all for your support while I've been living in Niger and I hope to see you all soon!! Love Katie

July 27, 2007-1st letter home

I just got to Africa today and its very different. It doesn't feel like I'm across the ocean or on another continent, more like the begining of camp. We met some PCV's that have been here for a year andthy are all happy & love being here.
We are all staying at the Peace Corps camp tonight & tomorrow night and then Sunday we move in with our adoptive families who we'll be living with for all 3 months of training.
I don't know how much I'll like the training, but I'm excited to be sworn in and move to my village.
There are 3 groups of volunteers; the ed, municipal and health.
I'm sleeping under a mosquito net outside right now & its not too hot. We have showers & flush toilets here but won't when we move on Sunday.
We passed a bunch of villages on our way to Hamdallay for training & there are tons of cute little babies, so I'm really excited to get language over so we can actually do our jobs.
Some things I could use that I didn't bring are
coloring books, Chaco sandals
colored pencils/sharpeners
soccer balls
a head lamp
Some earings w/studs (b/c I found out we can wear them)
rubber bands-caus I lose them a lot

Traditional Costumes

Traditional Costumes
Our Adoptive mom dressed us

Me and Erin

Me and Kellie at Training facility

Pond that forms during Rainy Season

The Village