Thursday, May 29, 2008

Vacation in Benin

I just got back from Benin last night at midnight, we were on the bus for 24 hours because it broke down for 7 hours in Parakou. Over all it was an amazing trip, it was very relaxing and beautiful. I went with my friend Alisa, and we were planning to go to the beach for a few days and then move on to some different places and museums, but we liked the beach so much that we just stayed the whole time in Grand Popo. We went on a pirogue tour on the Mono river and saw mangroves, shrimp fishing area, coconut harvesting, a voodoo village and a portugese castle. We went to some local restaurants and stayed on the beach most days. We loved the hotel that we stayed at. It was called the Lion Bar and it is run by some Rasta men who were the nicest people we met on our trip! We bought some jewellry and some souveniours and had a great time. I wish I was in Peace Corps Benin!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Hello again, sorry it's been so long since I last wrote!! Work is going well in the village, the goat loan project hit a snag when all of the goats got sick, but we called the vet soon enough and he came out to the village on his motorcycle and gave them all medicine and they are all fine! The murals went well and everyone likes them a lot. I did a couple of art classes and the kids are corresponding with Emily's class at home and they drew pictures and sent questions about America and Em's classes responded which everyone loved. The wanted to know if we all plant millet and sorghum and if we go to the well for our water every day. They are learning a lot about America and I know that everyone back home is learning a lot about Niger through the letters. I would like to greet Mrs. Welcher's classes in Sioux City and Mrs. Feeley's class! I hope you all have a great summer and keep writing me!! Right now I am getting ready to go on vacation with my friend Alisa, we're going to Benin for a week to relax on the beach and do some touristy things down there. I will be sure to post pictures soon, hope all is well back home, I miss you all!

July 27, 2007-1st letter home

I just got to Africa today and its very different. It doesn't feel like I'm across the ocean or on another continent, more like the begining of camp. We met some PCV's that have been here for a year andthy are all happy & love being here.
We are all staying at the Peace Corps camp tonight & tomorrow night and then Sunday we move in with our adoptive families who we'll be living with for all 3 months of training.
I don't know how much I'll like the training, but I'm excited to be sworn in and move to my village.
There are 3 groups of volunteers; the ed, municipal and health.
I'm sleeping under a mosquito net outside right now & its not too hot. We have showers & flush toilets here but won't when we move on Sunday.
We passed a bunch of villages on our way to Hamdallay for training & there are tons of cute little babies, so I'm really excited to get language over so we can actually do our jobs.
Some things I could use that I didn't bring are
coloring books, Chaco sandals
colored pencils/sharpeners
soccer balls
a head lamp
Some earings w/studs (b/c I found out we can wear them)
rubber bands-caus I lose them a lot

Traditional Costumes

Traditional Costumes
Our Adoptive mom dressed us

Me and Erin

Me and Kellie at Training facility

Pond that forms during Rainy Season

The Village